CABLĘS - French military warphoto site.
Indochina Photos - Photos from French Indochina.
Dien Bien Phu (Wikipedia) - Wikipedia. Good general info about the battle of Dien Bien Phu.
INDOCHINA(Wargaming) - Superb website about the conflict of Indochina. Lots of greate links to other websits, movies, units info and more.
   - The worldwide online home of reenacting. Lots of links to other teams, reenactors and living history groups. - PK Events HB aka "Roligt" is a nice Swedish retailer of softairguns and some militaria equipment.
   - Tactical Attack Commando (TAC) - is a Swedish airsoft-team formd in 1991. Generaly plays as Czech Paras but also makes lots of difrent impressions set in WWII, Vietnam, Indochina and other scenarios. - Golani is a Swedish airsoft-team founded in 2003. Thay plays with a reenacting precision as the IDF force Sayeret Golani. - Swedish airsoft-team that plays/reenacts as the FFL.