Bienvenue à la guerre en Indochine!


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Micque “bon bon” Traminaire. I am part of a group portraying the French Indochina conflict, La guerre de l'Indochine! We have been going since 2006 - combining elements from reenactment, airsoft and live roleplaying. We are non-profit, non-political organization.

Often we will just go out and take photographs, sometimes inspired by real pictures from that time and yet however we also play airsoft inspired games in an Indo China setting. We take inspiration from real operations and happenings, but usualy make our own missions and characters.

We focus on playing as the french CEFEO – Corps Expèditionnaire Francais d´Extrême Orient, collecting alot of French gear that we use in the field. Yet however, we also have material to portrait the Viet Minh – mostly as an oppnonent for our French troops. We also do some limited actions set in the French-Algerie war.

Our headquarter is located in the town of Knivsta, in Sweden. From there we launch operations to all areas of the conflict. Please, feel free to visit our gallery, read our journals or weep over the horrors of war.


C'est la guerre!

M. Traminaire

Fort Marie 7/4