OP: Iron Hammer Two

By 1967, as a result of the success of the SEALs in the Delta region, their numbers in Vietnam were increased substantially. Their major base was at Nha-Be, and SEALs maintained mobile bases on barges on the waterways of the Delta . From these mobile bases they mounted hunter-killer and intelligence missions throughout the region. Occasionally they were called upon other missions as, underwater demolition, reconnaissance, ambush-snatch, raids, special security duties and frequently acted as scouts when large scale Riverine operations were mounted.

On this scenario mission the three man SEAL team is on a hunter-killer mission in the Rung-Sat Special Zone south of Saigon. A four man VC demolition team is spotted alongside the old French railway and two are eliminated. The other two, one wounded, tries to get away in the swamp. After some time the SEALs track them down. In a short firefight one SEAL is wounded and the team breaks of as the VC are supposed to receive reinforcements.