First SEALs detachment were deployed to Vietnam in 1966. Both SEAL SEALs in Vietnam were the Navy's counterinsurgency and special warfere experts. Team ONe and Two would see service in VIetnam. Each SEAL Team consisted of little under 200 men with the primary tactical unit being a three man fire element. The teams were normaly inserted by boats and then walk or swim to the mission area. First they mostly used the "MIke" boats, later in the war "Boston Whalers" fiberglass very shallow boats were used primary for insertion. Many other boats were also used even civilan, fishingbouts and the (IBS) Inflatable Boat, Small). However the SEALs were also inserted by submarines, helicopters, or parachute from planes, in some cases dove directly into the water.

One of the first missions assigned to the SEALs was setting up observation and listening posts along suspected VC infiltration routes on the waterways and trails crisscrossing the Mekong Delta. Some observation teams staying in place for more then a week at a time. After identifying routes and bases SEALs mounted raids to ambush the VC and destroy their bases. After these missions proved immediately successful theire numbers and missions was extended.

OP: Iron Hammer

In this scenario a three man team with support of two in the IBS is inserted for a hunter-killer mission.