Search and Destroy mission:
OP Tornado


Soldiers from 1st INF moves into combat area of Va-Tsun-Da as rein falls down.


Contact with VC. Two troopers from 1st INF got wounded by boobytraps while trying to catch the enemy. A three-man recon team walked also into a  mine some 500meters away and got one wounded. One female VC is captured.


After sending the captured VC away to HQ the unit moves on. About  30minutes later they walk right into a ambush. The enemy puts up a  stiff fight lasting over 15min. Then suddenly the VC dissappears, leaving 7 US soldiers WIA and 2 KIA including the Lt.



After some reinforcements the unit moves on to search the nearby village "An-Tri".



In An-Tri there are one NVA trooper found and also some rifles, SMGs and lots of ammo. The village is destroyed.


Moving on into the "red zone" south of An-Tri. More firefights.


Capture of the VC hill ends the mossion. The final result is 1 VC +1 NVA POW and 6 VC KIA also mabe some VC WIA. The US losses are: 3 KIA and 16 WIA.