Operation: Salamander


Search mission briefing at morning. Rain starts at 9:30.

The platoon consiste of three squads, Alfa, Bravo, Delta and the platoon leader with a SF translator.


At 13:10 the platoon gets radio message that they must regroup. Enemy forces have been seen in the vicinity of Highway 24 not far away and now is staying in the lengthy swamp area. While ARVN forces have surrounded the area's more open space, the platoon will traverse the swamp and try to push the enemy out.

The enemy consist of tough main force FNL and will not bend in the first place!

operation map

The sweep mission starts at 14:00. Progress is good at start with no contact.


14:30, first contact with the enemy. Short firefight occurs. The enemy (probobly scouts) then escape back into the swamp where they will prepere an ambush.


Finally around 17:00 the area is cleared of enemies. At the final battle three prisoners seized and at least two more FNL are KIA. But this good result was not without losses. 7 US soldiers are wounded including three seriously. Awaiting airlift transport to medical care SP1 T. Johnsson dies because his severe injuries.


18:30 back to base...