OP: Iron Fist

An Dien district, South Vietnam, has been under VC control since the goverment unit lost the grip of that area in 1966. The following year the VC used this area as a stronghold and lunches attacks on surrounding areas. Roads, railways, bridges are repeatadly mined or ambushed, mortar shells are lanched from time to time at US and ARVN installations.


It's time to send a blow strike to this bold VC unit. It's time for OP "Iron Fist"

A recon unit is tasked to search and then destroy the supposed VC base by calling in airstrike.


The team is inserted by boat.

Soon the enemy is spotted preparing a ambush at a railway bridge and a short firefight follows. Four VC are dead and the rest disappers into the jungle. HQ orders the recon team to hold out at the bridge to secure a train to pass.


The waiting game is on.
Finally the delayed train is coming.

But as the train is passing the bridge a mighty explosion blows up a part of the railway and the train is damaged. A VC sapper has swimmed out and planted a explosiv right past the guarding recons.



Disappointed the recons are ordered to find the VC base. They moves carefully through the dense jungle.


Almost out of rations the team is heading back home. Suddenly the stumbles over the enemy. I fierce firefight starts. It turns out it is some kind of VC base since the enemy is determent to stay and fight. No air support can be called in the first minutes, since the radioman and two others from the team are wounded. However, later the recon team managed to break contact and call in the airstrike. They then moves on to the axtraction point down the river.


Another chock awaits them as they found the hidden boat is destroyed and the enemy soon swarming them.



They managed to beat of waves of enemies when finally a rescue boat can extract the team back to safty.