Mission area - Dak-Xoai

Near the village of Dak-Xoai an 1st INF unit has a small base from where the are supposed to lunch operation in the area.  1st and 2nd squad are about to go out on a patrol.


A sweep mission in the west south area resulted in some enemy contact. After almost an hour of fight the VC pull back leaving the dead behind. Some of the VC was later recognized as civilians from the village Dak-Xoai.


Indeed the village was infiltrated by an local VC unit and used it as a food and rest area.


US troops made some visits to the village but they never found any weapons or other suspect things. Nevertheless they suspected that more of the villagers could be VC and not just the ones the recognized after the previous fire fight. ARVN translators later arrived and questioned some people about VC activities but it gave none result.


Some GI took the opportunity to go in to town and eat at a local restaurant. Other troops stayed in the base and enjoyed there meal.


In the night 1st and 3rd  squad made a night sweep to the village. 1st went into the village while 3rd waited hidden outside to give fire support if needed. In the village there were some activities but nothing that proof anyone for VC.
However after the squad left the village 3 suspect civilians was observed by the troops from the hiding 3rd squad. The “civilians” went just outside the village and from a hidden hole in the ground they pulled out some rifles and set of after the Americans. These VC went right in to a ambush between 1st and 3rd squad. Intention was to take prisoners but the VC was not keen to surrender. 2 was shot but one managed to run away in the dark.


The squads returned to camp later in the night and reported in the incident. ARVN units would now make a larger investigation in the village and 1st INF was ment to be a blocking force if some VC vould try to escape.


Observation aircraft O-1. A large number of these aircraft were used in the forward air controller role, directing fast jets and other aircraft onto ground targets, and even flying low in order to attract ground fire towards themselves and thus find the location of enemy troops. Pilots flew into combat with nothing more than smoke rockets and a handgun.  It was an extraordinarily brave man who went to war under such hazardous conditions, in such a small and easily damaged machine. This one flown by pilot Virgil "Max" Noolie was shot down in the Dak-Xoai area.


VC was quick to the crash site but they didn’t find the pilot.


The pilot was wounded and hiding but managed to send a help call. US troops in the area was sent immediately to find and secure the pilot.


The found the crash site but then was fired upon by some VC that was hiding and waited for the rescue team. After some fighting and casualties on both sides the VC retreated.


Finally the pilot was saved and transported out to hospital.