1st Infantry

Search and Destroy

During late summer members from the 1st infantry Divison is sent out on a mission through a swamp. It is a simple search and destroy mission. Command believes that the Viet Cong have insurgents in the area and want them wiped out. After an ambush laid against a squad less than a week ago, command believes that the Viet Cong are brave enough to expose themselves.

The Soldiers grab some food and prepare to move out from their outpost via helicopter. After everything is done they are flown into their operation area. Once on the group has touched down the 2ndLt. and staff sergeant, leading each a squad, moves out towards the operation zone.


The group reaches the edge of the thick swap, but the lead scout notices something. The group takes cover and scouts the area before continuing into the thick, swampy area.


After having passed through thick vegetation and high reed the group arrives into a more sparse jungle with less vegetation. The lieutenant takes a break with his group as the staff sergeant moves ahead and scouts with his group. Tension can be felt between the inexperienced lieutenant and the staff sergeant who is on his third tour.


The group picks up and continues through the swamp, when they suddenly come under fire. No one hears the shot – indicating that some silencer, possibly home made, was used. The radioman is wounded by the first round, and the soldiers start shooting off into the jungle. No enemy body is found and the group continues to move, but just when they pass a bridge, they get an unpleasant surprise.

On the other side they find two fox holes, an RPG, two claymores and some small arms. Apparently a Viet Cong Force was waiting in ambush for them, ready to blow them up on the bridge. Fortunately for the troop, the Viet Cong had left their positions. But before the soldiers can relax, the VC arrives. Short but intense firefight rage on for a while.  The lieutenant is hit in his leg, and two Viet Cong are killed.


After the ambush the group continues through the swamp. They have to pass over deep ditches into the vast marshes.  Still no more enemies is found.


In the other swamp the search continues. The group moves through thick vegetation in search for a crossing over a wide stream. At last, a crossing is found and the group moves over and continues their patrol. Suddenly, shots are fired. Another Viet Cong force lying in ambush has spotted them and begun to shoot. One of the groups flank the enemy and manages to take them all out.


One of the Viet Cong is helped with some first aid and taken back to the base along with some found ammunition. The group moves to the LZ and get extracted. The mission is considered a success. Even though US casualties were pretty high, the area is thought to be stable now.